Do Todays Players Bet Offshore or at Domestic Shops

by Spooky | January 7, 2020 |

The sports betting landscape is ever changing. It is also exploding, and expanding. Since the Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), states are moving quickly to position themselves within the sports betting market.

They are approving brick-and-mortar sportsbooks, and in many locales that is accompanied by online and mobile sports betting as well.

There is a certain attraction to the physical sportsbook (what we'll refer to as the “domestic sportsbook”) location. After all, it may not be that far to travel; they can actually see the people they're betting with, hand over a wager, hold a physical ticket, and then basically sit down and watch the game with a bunch of other people who bet on it. One can be a small player; a “low-roller' if you will, and be welcomed.

Of course, remember that whether someone is physically walking into a sportsbook or using the online or mobile resources to place wagers, it is a “post-up” situation, which means that a customer must first post funds into an account and then wager from the balance that exists at any given time. That is also the case with an offshore sportsbook, where folks are always dealing with the entity accepting the wagers in virtual fashion.

Advantages of starting a bookie business

However, when you enter the bookie business yourself, and do so using the resources of Pay Per Head, you are able to offer your customers the best of both worlds.

They will be using an interface that is very much like the one they will encounter at the offshore sportsbook, with the ability to access more sports, with more propositions, along with pari-mutuels and a casino. They will be able to play “on credit” rather than having to post up.

And you are also forging a personal relationship with them, if that doesn't already exist. In many cases, you'd see your customers face-to-face, if that's the way you chose to settle up with them (how you handle that is YOUR business).

You are also protecting the anonymity of your customer, which can be very important. You see, while sports betting may be shedding its “taboo” status in the American legal culture, when a player goes into a physical sportsbook they are running the risk of having to identify themselves.

And it goes without saying that when they belly up to the betting window, they are on camera. Betting online or through a mobile device in a legalized, regulated atmosphere, a customer is required to register, offering certain personal information, perhaps including a Social Security number.

The time to establish yourself in the Paid Per Head industry is now

The new legal atmosphere, which has also brought more extensive coverage in mainstream media, has led to increased interest, and that will continue to mushroom. There WILL be more potential customers out there.

And even if they have started to play with a “regulated” sportsbook, they are not necessarily going to get taken care of the way they want. They will most likely prefer to play on credit rather than posting up, which is natural. On top of that, they might have privacy concerns.

There are going to be a LOT of new sports bettors born during this boom.

In other words, there is going to be a wide-open market for new bookies that can help fill those needs. You have the ability to meet that demand.

So the time for you to get into the bookie business is right now. And you can have all the tools at your disposal to establish yourself, streamline your operation, and be well on the road toward profitability. PerHead comes with our highest recommendation. They'll get you set up and running in no time at all.

If you are new to the Pay Per Head industry or currently on board with a service who is not completely focused on growing your player base, be sure to get a complete walk through of the PerHead Platform.  Spooky Express proudly endorses PerHead, be sure to sign-up in seconds by filling out the form on the right!

Take the first step and find out how you can get in on the explosion that is taking place as we speak.

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