How Much Does a Bookie Make

by Earl Campbell | November 25, 2019 |

If you’re reading this, then you are wondering how much a bookie makes.  

That's a good question, and we get asked this all the time. In fact, it's a beautiful question, because it has a beautiful answer: 

A bookie (or “agent,” to use the industry vernacular) makes whatever he/she WANTS to make.  

We're not being facetious. The sky is the limit, but really only when you make the decision to become a bookie – or to refine your operation – using the revolutionary Pay Per Head software that we recommend here at Spooky Express.  

Using Software to Make Money 

We can't stress enough the importance of having the right Pay Per Head service, because it simply takes a lot of the hassle out of conducting your operation and gives you more time to increase bookie business profits. And when you hook up with Per Head, it's going to give you the opportunity to move forward and cultivate as big a following as you can possibly handle, because you won't be weighed down with a lot of the administrative tasks that eat up so much of your time.  

Understanding how to payout and collect is crucial to being an effective bookie. When you are operating like they did in the “old days,” sitting around and trying to calculate everybody's “figure” by hand, dealing with employees (if you have them) or having to be on the phone, reading the lines and taking the wagers yourself, trying to balance your action; and God forbid you ever lost your paperwork, or it fell into the wrong hands (and you KNOW what we mean).  

Well, you can see how much exposure you have using the 20th Century method, or, from the other angle, how much valuable time that burns up when compared with a very streamlined operation where you don't really need anything but a laptop or a mobile device to run it and keep up to date. 

Yes, it's that simple. But hey – the best way to find out is to fill out the sign-up form on this page

It's quick and easy, just like it is to become a bookie and start earning money in a way you may have never thought possible. You need to have the right Pay Per Head software, with the combination of quality, reliability, and customer service working in your favor. And we're here to provide that.  

Factors in Being a Profitable Bookie? 

Okay, so let's get back to your question, as we try to be more specific about it. 

How much can a bookie earn?  

Well, there are a whole bunch of factors involved.  

One, of course, is how many players you have. You could have five, ten, 20, 50, 100 players or more, and that naturally impacts your bookie earnings.  

Something else not to be overlooked is that you have to do the right thing by customers; that is, you have to pay them on time, or else you'll lose trust.   

Another factor is what “level” of player they are. What we mean by that is, do they bet $25 a game? $100 a game? Are some of them “dime” players, meaning that it is not uncommon for them to wager $1000 on a game? These are questions only you can answer.  

One pretty uniform guideline is that the more players you have, and the more they bet, the more money you are going to make.  

That would seem pretty simple, right?  

Well, it might be a little more involved than that. You would prefer “quality” over “quantity” in a sense because the high-ticket players are going to provide you with more profit in the long run. But regardless of how much action your players are putting across, you are going to be profitable when you become a bookie.  

The Winning Formula? 

Could we come up with a formula for you?  

Well, don't etch this in stone, as they say, but if you had a hundred players, and they were wagering at least $25 to $100 on a per-game basis, it would not be unusual for you to make anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 in weekly profits.  

If they were betting $250 to $500 a game, even sometimes going higher, you might be looking at $50,000, up to $100,000. Of course, there are the “super-agents,” who may have up to 1,000 players at high betting levels, which of course is something that is cultivated over years.  

Are Your Ready to Become a Profitable Bookie? 

If some of this sounds too rich for your blood, remember that it is important to start SOMEWHERE, and that you can start very small and STILL be a successful bookie.  

Even with one player, wagering $50 on a few games a day, you'll wind up with a profit of at least several hundred dollars a week. Pay Per Head bookie software allows you to exercise management control over your players, so things never get out of hand. It eliminates the dreaded “paper trail” and gives you the option of using the professional odds and spreads or adjusting them according to your clientele.  

The whole thing is SO much easier than you think.  

So there's really no reason you shouldn't be taking action. 

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