How to Create your own Bookie Site

by Spooky | December 3, 2019 |

If you are a bookie, or aspiring to become a bookie, you may have only been exposed to the “old school” way of doing things. That is, a vision that involves housing a number of people in an “office”, answering phones, reading off lines, writing notes down and being accurate about it.

But we hope by now that you are familiar with the concept of Pay Per Head (PPH), which has indeed revolutionized the industry. And this is how you are going to be able to set up your own bookie site, with your own brand, and be able to serve customers in a new and efficient way.

The business is a competitive one, and as PPH has progressed, providers are on hand who can help interested parties set up a personalized site for their bookie business. What this means is that the whole experience of your client comes by way of a customized site that you have designed to your own specifications.

And you can proceed by paying a simple and low fee on a per-person basis (hence the term “per head”). And away you go – you are up and running in your bookie business.

Customize your own PPH Bookie Site

And the level of your customization is limited only by your own imagination. You can tailor it toward your local audience, if you so desire. So if, for example, you are in the bookie business in the state of Alabama, you may want to use a term like “” to denote where you are and what you do.

Or you may want to hook on to the dominant local or regional teams, like the perennial national powers – the Alabama Crimson Tide. So, for instance, you could have something like “” These are just a couple of ideas. You can, as we say, customize your bookie brand any way you want.

We are not exaggerating when we say that you can go from a very primitive operation with a few clerks, throw away phones, and a paper trail to one that is literally “space-age” in a couple of hours.

You can, in fact, have the same exact setup and interface as the biggest operators in the sports betting industry, and when you consider that you can set things up with your own customized design completely turn-key, there won't be any difference to be seen between your own bookie business and the legendary sportsbooks in the industry.

And you can go a couple of different ways when it comes to the design. You can get your PPH operator to do the design for you, or you may want to contact an independent builder to handle the logo and even page design. And your “pitch” can be a product of your own imagination as well.

Perhaps you want to use a catchy slogan in order to commercialize yourself. The main thing is that you want to present a professional “face,” and operate professionally, which means that you'll be reliable and pay when you're supposed to. Customer service is always a great selling point.

Switching to a Pay Per Head Site

So you should be thinking about all of this as you proceed with visualizing your own bookie site. Switching to Pay Per Head is easier than you think; and we recommend PerHead for getting the job done, swiftly and professionally.

If you are new to the Pay Per Head industry or currently on board with a service who is not completely focused on growing your player base, be sure to get a complete walk through of the PerHead Platform.  Spooky Express proudly endorses PerHead, you can sign-up in seconds by filling out the form on the right!

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