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by Spooky | December 30, 2019 |

Okay – you have made the decision to go into the bookie business. You may have been a sports bettor for years, but now you figure it's time to get on the other side of that equation.  

Your first step needs to be finding the right Pay Per Head provider to get you going in the right direction, because if you have been paying attention, you know that a bookie software solution is the way to go, and not the “old school” method of sitting in an office, having multiple clerks taking calls, and doing everything manually by pencil and paper.  

One thing that factors into your choice of service is the price. The way the leading companies in this industry are set up, they make it possible for their clients to utilize state-of-the-art software in such a way that it is affordable. That is, they pay a very reasonable fee per week and per customer, and only for those customers who actually place a wager through the software in a given week.  

Looking Beyond PPH Pricing

Pay Per Head pricing is certainly a consideration, but price alone should never take priority over the quality of service and the software product itself. A difference of a few bucks more assessed only on customers who place bets with you is a small price to pay when measured against the pitfalls you may suffer as a result of being involved with a PPH provider that isn't quite up to snuff in other areas.  

By that we mean things like the dependability of the servers the system runs on, which can cost you real money and possibly jeopardize your bookie business completely if a breakdown happens at the wrong time.  

We mean the trustworthiness of the provider itself, when they are involved in “post-up” business (in order words, they are operating a traditional sportsbook or casino themselves) and they can come along and easily monitor your better players, then steal them one by one.  

We mean the rough situation you find yourself in when you are looking for customer service and there is no one at the other end of that phone line or email communication.  

If you want to be a successful bookie, you need to primarily focus in on the things that are important. Price is important, to a degree, but it always has to be part of a price-quality quotient or you are never going to get the most out of your bookie software solution.  

PerHead Combines Price with Customer Experience

PerHead is a pioneer in this business; they have over 20 years of experience in satisfying customers. And they are strictly a PPH company, so they aren't out to steal your players.  

Their price starts at just $10 per player per week for the new client. That is a very reasonable rate, considering what you get in return, which is a top-of-the-line product with top-of-the-line personalized service from pros who want to see you become a successful bookie.  

Again, keep in mind that you are only billed for your customers that actually use the software to place a wager with you. You don't get charged if all they do is look over the odds at your custom website or check their “figure.”  

And that price can be reduced as well, as you gather volume. When you get to the point where you have 25-50 players or more, they will be happy to sit with you and work out satisfactory arrangements.  

This is exactly the way to take your bookie business to the next level. Don't make a mistake – hook up with the right Pay Per Head service. 

If your new to the Pay Per Head industry or currently on board with a service who is not completely focused on growing your player base, be sure to get a complete walk through of the PerHead Platform.  Spooky Express proudly endorses PerHead, you can sign-up in seconds by filling out the form to the right. 

And start getting excited! 

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