When to Switch PayPerHead Providers – Warning Signs

by Spooky | December 3, 2019 |

What would be your worst nightmare as someone running a bookie business? Maybe, just maybe, it's when you discover, during a busy football weekend, that the site you have set up for your customers through your PPH provider is down, and you can't find anyone to revive it?  

If you had clients that were exclusive to you, it's a good bet they would go looking for someone with a more reliable presence after that. And just like that, you've lost business – maybe the whole thing.  

It can really happen that easily.  

Server Trouble  

The sad reality is that not all the organizations that try to lease you the use of Pay Per Head software have servers that can accommodate a high volume of players during peak hours, and you could conceivably get kicked off through the volume of another one of their clients.  

We'd say that low tolerance for a lot of traffic would be a sure warning sign that you need to get a better PPH provider, except that when you find out, it is often without warning. So ASK them about it, and get specific answers. See how many tip-toe around it, and which ones tell you straight-up.  

Post-Up Shops Doing PPH  

One big-time warning sign that you can see coming and evaluate accordingly is whether the company you're dealing with also has a “post-up” shop, which means they handle customers on their own using the same software they're leasing to you. In other words, they are not a “PPH only” shop.  

We're not saying they will all do this, but there are plenty of stories within the industry about operations who will monitor action you get from customers in your own database, and then solicit those players for themselves. For people who are very worried about this kind of thing, the best recommendation is to strongly consider switching your Pay Per Head service, because if you let people “poach” your clients, you won't be in the bookie business very long.  

No Customer Service 

There are many problems you could encounter, especially if you are just starting your bookie business. Or there may be technical issues from time to time with the software. When this happens, does it take you forever to reach someone at your provider's office, and when you finally do, do they drag their feet in getting your problem solved? This could cost you a lot of money, and that would be a definite sign that you need to switch providers.  

Baiting with Price 

You may have been lured in by a Pay Per Head shop that charged you as little as $3 per head on your customers, but then you found out a couple of things: (a) That you were nothing more than a number to them, and (b) That in order to get the same kind of features that your competitor has to offer, you are going to have to pay a lot more, if they even have those features at all.  

For example, maybe you'd like to offer casino games and/or a racebook to customers, but that simply isn't included. And everything represents a different “add-on.”  

Most reputable shops will come in with a price of around $10, and that price can always adjust itself for the volume you bring in, as well as the promptness of your fee payments.  

Are you of the feeling that your PPH provider couldn't care less whether you are successful or not? That's something that shouldn't be too hard to reconcile in your own mind. If you don't think so, then you need to consider switching providers, for the sake of your bookie business.  

PerHead is the Answer 

Allow us to recommend PerHead as the provider that will keep you out of the “hole” you could fall into with a substandard Pay Per Head company, or one with an ulterior motive. They deliver the sharpest odds on a daily basis and possess one back-up system after another to make sure you are always in “up-time.”  

They also have mission that is consistent with yours; whether you're just starting out or a grizzled veteran, they are committed long-term to making your venture a success. They value quantity, quality and are 100% dedicated to the Pay Per Head business.    

Choosing the right PPH provider is so important, and that is why you need to fill out the form to the right and get a full demo and walk-through.   It will be a difference-maker! 

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