The Handicapping Industry, a Wealth of Information at your Fingertips

by Spooky | January 7, 2020 |

In case you haven't noticed, we are in an era of full “information overload.” So what does that mean? Well, it means that with so many sites where people are handicapping sporting events, and special media channels to spread all of that around, there is so much in the way of data, much of which can be accessed free of charge.

You have access to this information, of course, but the other thing to take into consideration is that in your position as a Bookie, your customers can access that same information as well. And rest assured, some of them will.

And guess what? If they do a more diligent job than you, they are going to get the “drop” on you when it comes to placing their wagers on certain events you may not be all that well-versed in, because of this wealth of information.

Handicapping with Pay Per Head

If you are using Pay Per Head as a solution in your bookie business, you will be making a virtual plethora of items available to customers. So they may be able to place bets on soccer, auto racing, boxing, tennis, golf, Canadian football and other sports categories that are somewhat “off the beaten path.”

And there are useful handicapping resources that can help these players of yours follow what is going on. A good example in soccer is, which features injury information, sophisticated statistical info, head to head stats, predictions and more.

Your dilemma, of course, is that if one of your players likes to bet on soccer, and may indeed be referencing a “sharp” site, you can't necessarily just cut him off based on that – even though the PPH back-end controls enable you to do it – because you will risk losing him for another sport like football or basketball, which basically means you will lose him, period.

At the same time, there is also opportunity in these other sports. That's because whether a sports betting customer goes to a “post-up” online sportsbook, or even a domestic operation, they will be facing very low limits. You have a chance to be more competitive in that area.

And don't discount the possibility that these players (many of whom like to bet on credit) might feel as if they are suddenly “sharp” themselves, simply because they're armed with information they have gotten from so-called handicappers, and turn out to be “squares,” which are very profitable for your bookie business.

Remember that the mainstream media (outlets like ESPN, Fox Sports 1, daily newspapers) now feels itself to be freed up to talk about the gambling market on sports, and that usually turns out to be a “squares” culture.

That creates a real opportunity for you as well, because it is going to bring more and more new and naive players into the fold. And you'll be able to find them just about anywhere.

The sports betting business will continue to grow at a record pace every day, and the technology isn't going backward. The whole thing is wide open for you.  This is essentially the gold rush era of the sports betting market within the US.

PPH helps Bookies manage customer growth

One of the great things about working with the Pay Per Head model is that you get to manage your players individually, so if you are able to track their activity and look at their betting patterns, you can determine how much exposure you're going to have when they bet soccer or auto racing or another sport that falls outside the category of a “major.” This empowers you.

And speaking of full empowerment, in order to have everything you need to provide a comprehensive full-service betting solution, with as possible protection on your end, we strongly recommend the folks at PerHead. They have been the industry leaders in Pay Per Head for over 20 years, and focus 100% on the PPH business.

If you are new to the Pay Per Head industry or currently on board with a service who is not completely focused on growing your player base, be sure to get a complete walk through of the PerHead Platform today.  Spooky Express proudly endorses PerHead, sign-up in seconds by filling out the form on the right!

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