What is Pay Per Head & What Will It Do For You?

by Frank Benjamin | November 25, 2019 |

There was a time when things were a lot different in the bookie business.  

The standard operation consisted of clerks answering phones in an office (usually a rented apartment), reading off all the odds individually to each customer, and writing down every wager by hand, hoping that in the end there wouldn't be a discrepancy, or worse yet, that a customer wouldn't catch a “smart line move” before they did. Everyone had to be there during certain hours, for fear of missing out on business, and then there was a lot of paperwork required to keep up with the whole thing.  

Of course, then there was always the chance that one of those “three-letter guys” wearing a blue windbreaker was going to bust down the door and seize all that paperwork before anyone had a chance to flush it.  

Dealing with each customer one at a time, along with managing personnel and maintaining meticulous records by hand? That's a big headache for anyone, especially any bookie who is interested in having a serious enterprise.  

Yes, that was pretty much the standard.  

Let's emphasize the word “was.”  

That's because the 21st Century came along, and with it the dawn of a new era, propelled by the best betting software that has ever hit this industry. It operates along the lines of what is known as the “Pay Per Head” model, and every successful bookie will be using this, if they aren't already.  

Anyone not doing it this way is not conducting business like a professional, and consequently they're going to be left out in the cold, passed up by competition that is operating in the most efficient way possible.  

Are you still doing things in “horse and buggy” mode? Or, if you're not in the bookie business yet, do you want to break into it the right way?  

Why You Need a Pay Per Head Solution 

You're doing more for your clients – You'll be operating on a 24/7 basis, offering much more in the way of selection. There's an incredible amount of sports they can choose from – literally anything you want to offer, around the world. And there are additional gaming-related options. It's all up to you.  

Sharper numbers – You can forget about the headaches associated with having to manually change lines. You'll have professional numbers, constantly updated, so you're never going to be caught by surprise. And when you couple that with having more menu items to offer, that means nothing but more profit for you.  

The privacy quotient is very strong – You set up your own internet presence, and distribute access as you wish. All the business is strictly between you and your customer. That's less for you AND them to worry about.  

It's a turnkey operation – There has been a lot of money spent on the development of this bookie software, with lots of sophistication in the design. But that attention to detail is what makes it so simple for you. All you have to do is put your players into the database and you're set. Then from there you can employ tools to manage each player's relationship with you as you wish.  

It's a world of automation – There is a tremendous amount to be gained when your customers have the ability to place wagers at your site anytime they want, or to contact a call center with trained professionals who can handle any conceivable amount of action, without you ever having to have personal contact at any point in the transaction.  

Tracking is easy – You can keep track of all your players in real-time, with everything at your fingertips. No more worrying about writing everything down on paper. And when you have such precision in your records, you'll be able to easily determine who the “sharps” are, as well as the “squares.”  

And no paper trail — When things are written down on paper, the wrong people have the ability to see it. With Pay Per Head, you are the only one who has access to your records, and the only one who can see the transactions.  

Your customers are YOUR customers – Many entities providing Pay Per Head service are also in the business of having their own “post-up” (regular sportsbook) business, where they are soliciting customers just like everybody else. With these operators, there is always going to be the danger of having your better customers being contacted by them. That leaves you with a lot of exposure, and that's just a fact of life.  Per Head has no post-up operation, and therefore no motivation to poach your clientele.  

You don't suffer through “down time” – With this bookie software, you don't have to worry about every being out of service. There are backups on top of backups. And there is ample protection against DDOS attacks, so all the data remains secure.  

How Pay Per Head Benefits Your Players 

Full International Sportsbook – If you were doing business the old-fashioned way, it's not likely that you would be offering odds on tennis, golf, soccer, MMA or any number of other sports. But those are all available to your customers, with numbers compiled by professionals, no matter where the events take place. You don't have to know anything about the sports to take the action, but through the facilities of the best betting software, you'll still be sharper than your customers.  

Live Sports Betting – This is an exciting innovation that adds a lot of excitement to the customer experience, as they can place wagers during the game itself. There are different kinds of live wagering – one that takes place during breaks in action, and another that is “fluid” with the action itself. This presents infinitely more betting opportunities, and in turn, more profit for you.  

Online Casino – This particular bookie software also leaves open the option of offering a full online casino to your clientele, with the availability of blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat, video poker and more. This is ideal for patrons who may not be so engaged to year-round sports betting or wish to add some variety to their action.  

Racebook – You'll be able to offer all the pari-mutuel action your customers can handle, including thoroughbred racing, harness racing, even greyhound racing, covering all major tracks and paying off at track odds. It's simply more excitement for customers and more profit for you, on your way to being a successful bookie.  

Mobile Access – Of course, all of this Pay Per Head bookie software is available to be used by your customer, no matter what device they're employing. So it is accessible through all mobile phones and tablets, optimized for appearing on each.  

Call Center – This is an option that can be used by customers who might want to bypass the website and place their wager by talking to someone on the phone. Your dedicated toll-free number can be supplied, with trained representatives who speak English ready to assist anyone at any time.  

Customer Service – It's available on a continual basis, whether it is you or the customer who needs help from a technical standpoint. There are never any worries when you move forward with Per Head.  

What does Pay Per Head Cost?   

The best part of Pay Per Head is the price! 

You don't have to buy the software or take out a long-term monthly lease on it. In point of fact, it is so inexpensive and economical to have Pay Per Head software at your disposal that there is absolutely no reason not to.  

You'll pay a very small fee per week, per customer – hence, the term “Pay Per Head.” So, in effect, you pay as you go and you don't pay for what you don't use.  

Let's face it – if you want to be a successful bookie, you'll be at much more of a competitive advantage if you can stop burning time on administrative tasks and spend more of it on recruiting and developing your customer base. You can grow very big very quickly, which reduces barriers to entry and makes it easier than ever to go from being a newcomer to a well-established operator. 

Per Head gives you the ultimate “hands-free” solution, with all the tools to make that previous unattainable dream possible.  

There's a lot of profit in being on the “receiving” end of that wager. Are you ready to take the right step toward making that happen? You know you are, so get started!  

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