With Legal Sportsbooks, Local Bookies (Like YOU) Can Grow Even More

by Spooky Express | March 23, 2021 |

With the tremendous expansion of sportsbooks being established at “brick and mortar” locations throughout America – which answer to the demand for additional revenue in the various states — there is a school of thought that this may damage the ability on the part of the so-called “local” bookie (yes, we're talking to you, whether you are using Pay Per Head bookie software or not), to generate revenue.

The reality is, nothing can be further from the truth.

In fact, it presents a golden opportunity to tailor what you are doing to meet the specific needs of customers – that is, if you are already in the sports betting business . And it also provides you with the chances to develop some real “selling points” for what you are doing.

We are going to remind you of a few things that perhaps you weren't aware of, or weren't paying any attention to.

One is that as states legalize the activity of sports betting, regardless of what their motivation is, they are, at the same time, legitimizing it, and de-stigmatizing it. In other words, if anybody ever told you that becoming your own bookie put you in a deep, dark place, that notion is totally out the window.

And other things come along with that. As sports betting comes more into the mainstream, that will increase the player base. It's inevitable. These will, by and large, be the more “recreational” players, doing it strictly for the enjoyment of it. And those are the kinds of players you might prefer to have.

And speaking of “mainstream,” sports betting has crept into the mainstream media, which was bound to happen. Almost all major media outlets, in fact, have their “experts.” They don't know a heck of a lot, and frankly, neither do too many of the “Twitter cappers” who have set themselves up on social media. But those folks are promoting the betting, and all of this can work to your advantage.

When you have set yourself up as a bookie through the betting software available from a responsible Pay Per Head company, you are invariably in a situation to offer a better deal to your customers. For example, the state-sanctioned sportsbooks don't necessarily give their customers any value in terms of the odds, and honestly, that's the way it's designed. This kind of thing has been highlighted in the sports betting that has been approved in Washington DC, for instance. Players are never looking for a LESSER deal; they want a BETTER deal if they can get it. And you can offer it.

Remember some more things:

The betting audience is getting younger and more tech-savvy. That means you are going to have customers who might want to wager on simulated sports (or “sim sports”), which became much more popular during the COVID-19 hiatus. Some of these are shown on Twitch channels that have more than a million followers. And they are also “hip” to the idea of placing live, in-game wagers that you have the ability to offer as part of your bookie software package.

If they're younger, and they don't know how to use a lot of advanced analytics to their advantage, you're going to have a lot of profitable clients to deal to. And they are going to be around for quite some time. You even have the latitude, through the Pay Per Head back-end, to deal with each of your customers differently, if you choose to.

And if you notice, you will see an increasing number of partnerships between sports teams and leagues and the gambling industry. In fact, it's almost impossible not to see. The leagues have to get on board, because they'll be left behind if they don't. This, in and of itself, creates credibility and a much wider world for you if you want to become your own bookie.

Also, the technology isn't going backward. So the marriage of increased access, greater participation and the involvement of the major sports organizations themselves adds up to something that is going to be moving full steam ahead.

Are you going to be ready for it? You CAN be. Read this……

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