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FanPicks Promo Review: Free $10 Voucher

fans pick review

Fan Picks offers both standard fantasy contests as well as a few unique contests. Use Promo Code SPOOKY for a $10 Voucher and 110% Sign Up Bonus.

One of the up and comers in the Daily Fantasy Sports space is FanPicks.com! FanPicks launched to address a need in the DFS space. Many operators continue to pop up each and every week, but they are all the same. FanPicks strives to be different and addresses many of the gaps in the DFS world.

Before you continue reading about FanPicks and what they have to offer — we want to tell you about the deal Spooky and FanPicks have for you.

If you sign up for FanPicks using our link and Promo Code “SPOOKY” — FanPicks will give you a free $10 voucher immediately (FOR FREE) to start playing with. This is a no brainer folks. Take advantage of this offer before it goes away.

Get a Free $10 Voucher at FanPicks Using Promo Code SPOOKY. Click Here to Get Your Fan Picks Bonus

Now onto why FanPicks is pretty awesome.

One of the coolest parts is the fact that they have big name professional athletes on board as a part of FanPicks. Guys such as: Hulk Hogan, Roddy White, Thurman Thomas, Sammy Watkins, AJ Green, Le'veon Bell and others are all playing FanPicks. How cool would it be to compete against guys like this?

So how do you get started with FanPicks? It's Easy:

  1. Click here to get started at FanPicks
  2. screenshot-www.fanpicks.com 2016-04-11 13-39-26About halfway down the screen you should click the “Click here if you have promo code” and enter SPOOKY as your promo code. Click the Register button.
  3. Continue filling out the required customer information. Ensure Promo Code = Spooky is filled out. Click “Next Step”.
  4. Get your account loaded with funds! Using Promo Code SPOOKY we are giving you a free $10 voucher to start playing with. Just for trying FanPicks.
  5. Start playing in their unique contests and win some money.

FanPicks Promo & Bonuses

FanPicks will also give you a 110% bonus on your first deposit. This bonus is released into your account at a 5% rate, which is better than most of the other DFS sites in the industry.

The number of promotions is endless at FanPicks. We aren't going to go into each on of them here. But you can check them all out after you get signed up and start playing.

How to Fund Your Fan Picks Account?

FanPicks currently only accepts credit cards as a form of payment. They are working hard to accept other forms (such as Paypal and others), but at the moment Credit Card is the only option.

To Fund Your Account:

  1. First get registered using Promo Code ‘SPOOKY'.
  2. Login to you FanPicks account
  3. Click the Add Funds button in the top right.
  4. Choose your amount and Payment method.

What Sports & Contests are Offered?

FanPicks currently offers NFL, CFB, MLB, NBA, NHL, CBB, UFC, NASCAR and Pro Golf. And they offer a couple types of contests.

  1. Salary Cap Contests – This is pretty standard for most DFS sites. You have a certain salary cap to stay within to draft the best team you can. You then get points for the players on your team.
  2. Fantasy Point Spread Contests – With this format, you don't have a salary cap. Each player has a “point spread” to them and you can draft them +- the points. For instance, the example they give is, if you draft Aaron Rodgers -9.5 and he scores 24.5 points — the 9.5 points is subtracted from his total adjusting his points to 15. This is a new way of thinking about DFS and takes a little different strategy.
  3.  “Cross Sport” ContestsThis is another unique contest to Fan Picks. In XS contests you can choose players from two different leagues onto your same lineup. For example, you could draft some MLB players and NBA players onto your lineup for tonight. Pretty awesome and definitely opens up another set of strategies.

All of these unique game types definitely makes FanPicks a place you should try. Why not at least try it with the free $10 we can give you using Promo code ‘SPOOKY'.



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