Betting on the NBA is always one of our favorite sports to wager because there are several NBA betting trends and systems that you can follow, that usually play true to form each and every year.

In this post, we are going to take look at big favorites in the NBA.

Double-Digit Favorites

Many times throughout the NBA season you will see a team is favored by double-digits and most times, they do not cover.  Here is why…

In the NBA, more so than other sports, there are no style points and it is much more important to secure the ball and get the win than it is to try to run up the score on another team. Few and far between do you really see a team in the NBA run up the score on their opponent and they would rather just burn the clock and leave with a win.

Double-Digit Underdogs

Well, for a double-digit underdog, this plays perfectly for their supporters as the opposing team will be more interested in passing the ball around to kill the clock, compared to the dog trying to score those late points to get back within the closing distance in the game.

This is even more obvious in home underdogs of more than 10 points. In the NBA, it is an insult to give a team double digits at home and those teams always seem to rise up and play tougher on their home court as they feel disrespected and want to prove the oddsmakers wrong.

That being said, it is very rare that home underdogs win the game outright – About 13.2% of the time according to statistics.  But they do cover the spread a significant amount of time, right around 58% of the time since 1995!

Wrapping It All Up

This is just one of the many NBA system trends and strategies that you can follow that have proven beneficial.  We like to play this strategy simply because it cashes at a decent clip and mainly because it makes sense.

Like we said, scores don’t matter at the end of the game, as long as a team wins so it makes sense in the NBA to play close games and wear down the clock to secure the win and end the game as fast as possible!

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