Jon Price Is a Sports Betting Money Machine

by | Aug 29, 2018 | Sports Betting Tips


Jon Price looked like he was headed for a career in the financial field while he was studying for a degree in Mathematics in New York and helping other college students prosper from his betting picks.

However, while he was studying, Jon began to apply his knowledge in a different area: Sports Betting.

He found that he was able to use his deep understanding of mathematics, theory, and probabilities to give him an edge in sports betting.

He was so successful at picking winners that he was able to pay off his college loans before he even graduated.

When Jon finally finished college, he was offered high-paying jobs at Wall Streets elite investment banks. However, he turned them all down and continued to focus on sports betting. He started Sports Information Traders as a private low key company and he is now widely regarded as the best sports handicapper in the world now that he lets a select few in the public gain access to his predictions. He has been featured in several publications like Forbes, Inc. Magazine,, and the Huffington Post. He has also appeared on several online platforms as well as nationally syndicated programs.

He and his company Sports Information Traders are well known for placing big bets and cashing in on them. He successfully wagered over a million dollars on the last two Super Bowls and he even won his futures bet on the Kansas City Royals to win the 2015 World Series. Let’s get some insight into the man and his wildly profitable business.

What Inspired Him To Start This Business?

Jon found out that he had the knack for picking winners at an early age. Friends of Jon’s parents would often approach him to ask for his advice and they made a lot of money following him when they would bet on horse racing. He discovered that his sports betting skills were even more exceptional than he originally thought when he was in college. He loved the fact that he was able to combine his passion for sports with his in-depth knowledge of mathematics and probabilities. To Jon, it made nothing but sense to pursue that avenue after college.

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How Does Jon Price Make His Money?

Jon makes his money in a couple of different ways. Making correct million dollar bets is one way in which Jon lines his pockets but he also knows very in-depth hedging strategies that only few can properly execute on. Being that he is so successful and known around the world, Jon has a lot of followers who gladly pay for his picks. He insists that he would never have one of his clients' wager on an event that Jon wouldn’t bet on himself.

How Long Did It Take For Him To Make Money?

Jon began to rake in the dough as soon as he started betting on sports. He likes that he earns big money in short periods of time but knows it's a long game that pays off for him. He places several bets every week that are in excess of $100,000 and he usually gets it right which he points out is the fastest way to wipe out your debts. His clients also benefit from rapidly increasing profits even when they take a more conservative approach to betting.

Did He Ever Doubt Himself?

Because of the fact that his success was instant and everything happened so quickly, Jon never had enough time to doubt himself. He knew he had a special gift and he was earning $50,000 a week during football season when he was still in college. He already knew how to be an incredibly profitable sports bettor before he finished college and this allowed him to confidently turn his full attention to it. As word of his ability spread, his business quickly took off.

How Did He Get His First Customer?

Jon’s first customers were the people that Jon would bet against in college. He and his pals would bet on weekly pools in which players would pick a number of games throughout the week and the one who correctly predicted the most winners would take the pot which usually ranged from $10,000 to $20,000. After Jon won the first 6 pools, it came as a no surprise that nobody wanted to wager against the sports betting genius anymore. Instead, Jon began giving them his picks for free and the group began to infiltrate other dorm pools where they won a ton of money.

Other Than Referrals, What Is Best Marketing Strategy To Get New Clients?

Jon says that the vast amount of exposure in media that he has received such as being a syndicated radio personality goes a long way. Jon gives out free picks every week and the people that take his advice come out ahead. He recalls winning 8 weeks in a row on air and putting an end to any of the few doubters. He says that this has been one of the best strategies to get new clients on board. He also says that happy customers tell their friends and that builds an even bigger list of clients.

What Is The Toughest Decision That He Has Recently Had To Make?

The toughest decision that he’s had to make in the past few months was whether to bet one million dollars or three million dollars on an NBA finals game. To solve the dilemma, Jon split the difference and wagered two million dollars. Even though he won, he still feels that it was the wrong decision because he missed out on a much bigger payday.

What Is It That Makes Him A Success?

Jon is quick to answer that it is his drive and deep understanding of how oddsmakers think and work. He says that he’s always had somewhat of a Napoleon complex in which he feels that he needs to be distinguished and recognized for the things that he does. He aims to be the best at what he does and he wants the world to see him as being the best too. He’s definitely on the right path but appreciates his privacy for he and his family.

What Excites Jon Price About The Future?

Jon wants to be “the Nike of sports wagering” and he knows that with the expansion of sports gambling, especially in the United States, Jon’s service will become extremely valuable and very much in demand.

What Makes Jon Stand Out Above Others In The Industry?

Jon points to the most important statistic that puts him well above his competitors and that is his winning percentage. He has had NFL seasons in which he has hit over 73%. That’s mad skill! Most sports bettors dream of hitting 55% in a good year. Jon Price is consistently making people a lot of money and that’s what makes Jon Price and his analysts at Sports Information Traders the best in the business.

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