$1 Million Dollar Perfect March Madness Bracket at Jazz Sports

by Earl Campbell | March 18, 2021 |

March Madness is HERE!

The most exciting chunk of the year has come: March Madness 2021 is about to start, and you have but ONE GOLDEN CHANCE to earn a $1 Million prize, by scoring the PERFECT March Madness bracket at JAZZ Sports.

Running now, and until the beginning of the March Madness season (March 18th, 2021), JAZZ Sports is offering all new players ONE FREE ENTRY for their exclusive March Bracket Contest*, in which you can earn many juicy prizes, including an amazing US$1 Million bounty for the winner of the ultimate perfect bracket.

Use promocode SPOOKY and get TWO FREE ENTRIES for the March Bracket Contest, exclusive for users of Spooky Express.

Find out more about JAZZ Sports’ incredible March Bracket Contest – and all its juicy prizes – by clicking RIGHT HERE.

*Restrictions apply.

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