The Square Pigeon’s Pipeline NFL Rankings Week 14

by | Dec 6, 2017 | NFL

NFL Week 14 Rankings

The Square Pigeon Pipeline is in it's second year here at the Spooky Express. Jason delivers his rankings each week.

After years of tinkering and revising, I have a formula to create a system for ranking NFL teams. I use the offensive/defensive differential of four stats. The differential of each statistic has a high correlation coefficient with win total at the end of the season. Since this ranking relies heavily on larger sets of data (more games played), I use a ratio of last season’s totals with this year’s value until the team plays 4 games. The point total falls on a scale -200 through 200. Higher score equals better team. 100 is an exceptional score, and a score closer to 0 equates to an average team. This is strictly based on the statistics, and there is no voting, polling, or opinions that come into play.

Elite 8

  1.  New England Patriots            10-2    131.72                +2
  2.  Los Angeles Rams                   9-3       127.35                NC
  3.  Philadelphia Eagles             10-2    116.47                -2
  4.  Jacksonville Jaguars                8-4       93.74                  +1
  5.  New Orleans Saints                9-3       85.74                  -1
  6.  Baltimore Ravens                    7-5       73.76                  +1
  7.  Minnesota Vikings                  10-2    66.45                  -1
  8.  Seattle Seahawks                    8-4       59.71                  +1       

The Patriots finally make it to the top of the rankings after another dominant performance this weekend. Sean McVay came home to Los Angeles with a win, but they held steady with New England going around them. Offensively, the Eagles couldn’t get anything going against Seattle which caused a loss and a two-spot drop. A twenty-point win against the Colts boosted the Jaguars back up to fourth. The Saints brought down Carolina. Despite dropping one spot, New Orleans still look like one of the best teams in the league. Baltimore laid it on pretty thick this weekend; this is clearly a Super Bowl defense, but they will need help from their offense at some point. A close game in Atlanta caused the Vikings to slip a spot even though they pulled off the win. Seattle made their way to the top bracket with a win against the Eagles.

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  1.  Pittsburgh Steelers        10-2    53.34                  -1
  2. Los Angeles Chargers           6-6       46.47                  NC
  3. Carolina Panthers              8-4       26.27                  NC
  4. Atlanta Falcons                       7-5       23.84                  +2
  5. Detroit Lions                            6-6       18.06                  -1
  6. Kansas City Chiefs                  6-6       15.96             -1
  7. Dallas Cowboys                      6-6       14.84                  +1
  8. New York Jets                         5-7       -0.06                   -1

Pittsburgh falls down a spot because they failed to put away a bad team once again. It was a great come from behind; however, they should have beaten the Bengals by 20. It took a while, but the Chargers are clicking on all cylinders. No change for the Panthers after their loss to New Orleans. How does Julio Jones disappear for entire games? That didn’t happen under Shanahan. It seems like the Lions are forever in limbo. Good years are the middle of the pack which is where they are now. I’m old enough to remember when the Chiefs were 5-0. It’s long season to peak that early. For the first time without Zeke, the Cowboys slaughtered their opponent. The best team with a losing record still doesn’t make the playoffs, but the Jets proved everyone wrong about tanking this year.

Almost There

  1. Tennessee Titans              8-4       -8.90                   +5
  2. Green Bay Packers                6-6       -11.74                 +2
  3. Cincinnati Bengals            5-7       -20.06                 +2       
  4. Houston Texans                4-8       -25.52                 -2
  5. Buffalo Bills                               6-6       -32.02                 -2
  6. Washington Redskins          5-7       -33.23                 -5
  7. Oakland Raiders                6-6       -40.91                 +1
  8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers       4-8       -43.15                 -1

The same eight teams populated this grouping. Tennessee is a terrible 8-4, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they end the season 8-8. The Packers jumped a couple of spots with their win against the Bucs in a return of the battle of the bays. So many teams lost bad in this group that the Bengals also jumped two spots with a loss against the Steelers. Another flat performance from the Bills; another year added to the playoff drought. Washington drops five spots after getting destroyed by the Cowboys. The most disappointing team in the NFL picked up a bad win against the Giants. Tampa only allowed 77 passing yards in a losing effort. I don’t even know how that is possible.

Bucket Full of Yuck

  1. Chicago Bears                          3-9       -71.45                 NC
  2. San Francisco 49ers               2-10    -77.83                 +1
  3. Arizona Cardinals                   5-7       -88.98                 +1
  4. Indianapolis Colts                  3-9       -89.46                 -2
  5. New York Giants                    2-10    -92.39             +1
  6. Miami Dolphins                      5-7       -92.98                 +2
  7. Cleveland Browns                  0-12    -108.31              -2
  8. Denver Broncos                      3-9       -112.03              -1

The same eight teams stayed in the bucket for the second week. Chicago might be the next team to fire their head coach. Jimmy Garoppolo won his first start with the Niners. Colts lost bad again. Geno Smith is back to the bench after the firing of McAdoo and Reese. The Dolphins destroyed the Broncos to get to five wins. I’ve never seen a team this bad with five wins in a season. 0-16 is becoming a real possibility. Denver is officially the worst team in the league. Such a drastic change from the beginning of the year.

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