This article will be different than the one I usually give, instead of given you a specific lineup to play I will be giving you guys 3 tips that should help you to select your lineup, the tops 3 stacks I like and a few suggestions for players I think represent good value. So let’s get to the winning GPP advice!

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Tip 1: When selecting your batters look at Vegas Lines!

Before you select your batters the best thing to do is always look at game totals of games. The higher the run total obviously the more runs are projected to be scored. Most of the time the highest total on the board is going to be Colorado which is always going to be a chalky play. However in this contest the Coors game is not an option.

There’s one game with a 9.5 total in the Rangers vs A’s and there’s one game on the slate with a 9 total with the Mets vs Brewers. The second thing you will want to do is look for any huge favorites on the slates with a decent projected run total. On this slate Red Sox and Nationals are playing in games with a projected run total of 8.5 and both are a sizeable favorite which means they are decent options for stacking.

Tip 2: When trying to win a GPP you have to stack!

When you want to win a cash game the best thing to do is spread your picks around and have a few mini stacks, but if you want to win a GPP with a lot of entrants you have to stack a majority of your players on one to two teams. With FanPicks you have to have players from 3 teams, but that doesn’t mean your batters have to be from 3 different teams.

The best thing to do is to have your pitcher from one game and then split your batters between 2 teams with maybe 4 or 5 from one team and 3 or 4 from another team. If the team you like a lot goes off then the chances of you scoring a high point total is very good, but if they don’t then obviously you won’t score high, but that’s the beauty of a GPP contest. It’s an all in approach and that’s how you win big! Moving on to the next tip.

Tips 3: Selecting your pitcher in GPP!

The first thing you are going to want to do when it comes to selecting your pitcher is to look at the money lines of the teams on the slate and find some that are -150 or better favorites, then you are going to want to look and see of those which games have the lowest run totals and finally for those of you that love to bet on player props go to your favorite Sports Book, here at Spooky we have a list of the best Sports Books to use, and look to see what the total strikeout props are for the pitchers you like and then select the best one from that group!

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