KSW 46: Narkun vs. Khalidov 2 Handicapping Tips and Betting Picks

by | Nov 29, 2018 | UFC Betting

KSW 46

Where/Venue: Arena Gliwice

Where/Location: Gliwice, Poland

When: Saturday, Dec. 1, 2018

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This week, we are taking a look at KSW 46: Khalidov vs. Narkun II from Gliwice, Poland with a 9-bout fight card.  

There are only 9 fights but some present us with some decent value, so we are totally breaking down the fight card looking for some good fights with decent value.

This card will take place from the Arena Gliwice in Gliwice, Poland.  If you decide to bet on this card, you will want to enter your plays early because the card will start on Saturday afternoon at 1:00 PM ET.

With that being said, let’s jump on in and handicap a few fights from KSW 46: Narkun vs. Khalidov.   


KSW 46: Narkun vs. Khalidov 2 Fight Card

KSW 46: Narkun vs. Khalidov 2
Fighter A Record Odds   Fighter B Record Odds
Tomasz Narkun 15-2 135 vs. Mamed Khalidov 34-5 -155
Mateusz Gamrot 14-0 -185 vs. Kieber Koike Erbst 24-4 160
Marcin Wrzosek 13-4 155 vs. Salahdine Parnasse 11-0 -180
Roman Szymanski 10-4 -125 vs. Daniel Torres 7-3 105
Grzegorz Szulakowski 9-2 -250 vs. Marian Ziolkowski 19-7 210
Roberto Soldic 14-3 -466 vs. Vinicius Bohrer 16-6 385
Michal Michalski 6-3 -170 vs. Krystian Kaszubowski 6-0 146
Sebastian Przbysz 4-1 161 vs. Antun Racic 21-8 -185
Artur Sowinski 18-10 N/A vs. Kamil Szymuszowski 16-5 N/A
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KSW 46: Narkun vs. Khalidov 2 Handicapping

The Main Event for KSW 46 is the rematch between Tomasz Narkun and Mamed Khalidov in the Light-Heavyweight Division.  These two fought back on March 3, 2018, at KSW 42 with Tomasz Narkun winning by 3rd round submission by Triangle Choke.  

In the first fight, Khalidov was winning the war with striking but tired in the second round.  Khalidov knocked Narkun down 3 times but couldn’t finish Narkun. Narkun seemed to start to gain steam in the middle of the second round and as Khalidov tired, Narkun took over.

Heading into the 3rd round, I had Khalidov winning the fight by a narrow margin but it isn’t who is winning on the scorecards that matters when one fighter has the skill to go for the finish.  Khalidov looked like he was completely exhausted in the 3rd round and got hit with a ton of strikes.

The two went to the ground and Khalidov sort of fell into a triangle choke and immediately tapped.  Now, anyone familiar with MMA or BJJ will tell you that the choke was NOT tight, was not sunk in and was more so based on Khalidov being tired and not wanting to fight anymore.  The arm was not across the chest, his chin was unobstructed and if he wanted to fight out of the position, he may have been able to get out of the bad spot.

That being said, he tapped and Narkun won the fight.  Khalidov is a legend in KSW and Narkun is the young stallion looking to take over.  This is a young man’s sport and a fighter’s cardio doesn’t exactly just get better overnight, especially when they are 38 years old and fighting someone 10 years younger than they are.  I look for Narkun to take this fight deep into the later rounds and get the 2nd win over Khalidov.

This will be a 2 unit play on Tomasz Narkun at KSW 46.  

Free Play: Tomasz Narkun+135 for 3 units


Additional KSW 46: Narkun vs. Khalidov 2 Plays

Salahdine Parnasse -180 for 2 units – Parnasse is 20 years old and is already 11-0.  Many people have referred to him as the future of the Featherweight Division and now facing former UFC veteran Marcin Wrzosek.  I like Parnasse to get the win here and potentially catch the eye of the UFC.

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